Officials Recommends Watering During Drought

Arlington Heights will not see any significant rainfall for the next few days.

Due to the current drought conditions, the village recommends residents water their parkway trees, especially newly planted ones.

The National Integrated Drought Information System has placed all of Illinois in the moderate drought category .

According to the National Weather Service, the climate station at O'Hare International Airport has measured less than a half inch of rain in June , which is about 2.69 inches less than normal. 

No significant rainfall has been forecast for the next several days, other than a slight chance of thunderstorms each day through July 4 .

Fill the green “Gator” bags daily or when they empty. Additionally if you have had your ash tree treated for Emerald Ash Borer, watering it will help the tree transport the insecticide throughout it.

Watering once a week with a garden hose or sprinkler can make a considerable difference in soil moisture and tree uptake. In extreme drought conditions, additional watering may be needed. 

Sprinkling hours are as follows: Monday – Friday 7am-12pm and 7pm-9pm. Sunday only handheld watering. 

Remember slow, deep watering is better than quick, shallow watering! Questions can be directed to the Forestry Unit at 847-368-5800. 


This article includes information from the village of Arlington Heights


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