Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove Schools and Students Show Support to Local Family

The recent death of Mary Faraci, 42, of Arlington Heights has prompted the schools and students where her two children attend to demonstrate a strong showing of care and concern.

Arlington Heights resident Mary Faraci, wife, and mother of a high school and elementary school student, lost her battle with cancer recently, and the educational community is showing its concern for the family. 

Faraci passed away on Valentine's Day at her home in Arlington Heights.

The very next day, the Buffalo Grove High School Boys Freshman basketball team wore pink to school and pink laces in their basketball shoes to show support for Joseph, Mary's son, who is on the team.

He played in the game and his entire family showed to be there for him, according to parent Anne Marie Gerhardt. 

Faraci's daughter Francesca attends Ivy Hill Elementary School. The principal, Piper Boson sent the following message out to families of children who attend the elementary school in Arlington Heights:

I need to end this week's message with some sad news that many of you already know. Ivy Hill parent, Mrs. Mary Faraci, died yesterday after a long illness. Many adults and children in our school community have been overwhelmed with the news. Today, we took time to talk with her daughter's fourth grade classmates to offer them additional support and guidance. Here at Ivy Hill, we consider ourselves a family, so when tragedy strikes it is felt on many levels. Our thoughts are with Frank, Joseph and Francesca Faraci at this very difficult time. We thank the many different individuals who have not only reached out to the family but to the school to offer their support. It just continually reinforces what a close and caring community we have here at Ivy Hill. Should you or your child feel you need additional assistance from the school, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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