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Special Interests Donate to Schneider, Dold

Political action committees contribute 30 percent of Dold’s haul while Schneider collects 18 percent of his funds from groups.

Though the majority of donors to and his Democratic opponent, , were individuals, a significant amount of money came from special interests, according to reports filed Sunday with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Schneider took in $102,450 or 18 percent of his net $582,161.65 from political action committees of which $47,500 came from labor unions. Very little came from corporate interests.

Dold raised $212,500 (30 percent) from PACs with $121,500 donated from corporate interests. Of the money coming from corporate committees, $44,500 was contributed from groups aligned with the financial services industry. Dold sits on the House Financial Services Committee. He got a small amount from organized labor.

Dold collected a net amount of $711,083.97 for the quarter ending June 30 and $2,916,101.83 since being elected to Congress, according to the FEC report. He spent $213,151.69 for the quarter and $1,067,477.17 overall. He had $2,136,033.37 in the bank as of June 30.

Schneider netted $582,161.55 for the quarter, according to the FEC report. Since he began his campaign last May, he has raised $1,516,746.48. He spent $241,115.83 for the past three months and $1,050,359.30 since he started. He loaned his campaign $100,000 in the last quarter. As of the end of the quarter, he had $567,623.37 on hand.

Both Dold and Schneider also got significant donations from members of the House of Representatives from their respective parties and groups affiliated with Republicans or Democrats.

Friedman Takes in More than Morrison

In the campaign to replace retiring state , Highland Park pediatrician , a Republican, outraised his Democratic opponent, , though Morrison has more in the bank.

Morrison took in more than $32,000 for the quarter and has over $62,000 on hand, according to her campaign manager, Bill Doerrer. Friedman raised $53,439.22 for the same period and has $42,867.98 on hand, according to Paul Miller, his campaign manager.


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