Halloween Safety Tips

Arlington Heights Police Department reminds residents to be safe as they're having Halloween fun

With Halloween creeping into town in less than three weeks, Village of Arlington Heights officials are reminding residents to be safe. 

While Halloween is a fun time of year, they say it is important to keep safety in mind. Below are some tips from the Arlington Heights Police Department on how to have a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

  • Younger ‘trick or treaters’ should always be accompanied by an adult. Establish neighborhood boundaries and a curfew for older family members.
  • Inspect all treats before eating them.
  • Costumes should be flame resistant, made of bright or reflective material that does not impede the child's ability to walk.
  • Masks that interfere with a child's ability to see can be very dangerous, please make sure that your child can clearly  see side to side.
  • Cross a street at the corner, preferably in a marked crosswalk. Use a flashlight to increase visibility.
  • Unfortunately, some interpret Halloween as a night of mischief. Parents are asked to review acceptable behavior with their children. Know the route your children are taking.
  • Take a moment to examine your property for hazards. Remove any unsecured implements that may cause a child to trip and fall.


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