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Rickie the Rooster (in full regalia)
Rickie the Rooster (in full regalia)

Book Review of Shakespeare's Secret Messiah by Joseph Atwill 

Seeing that many others have undertaken to draw up reviews of Joe Atwill’s amazing typological discoveries as Joe handed down to us in Caesar’s Messiah, Caesar’s Messiah Flavian Signature Edition, and Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah, I in my turn, after carefully going over the three books from the beginning, have decided to write an out of the ordinary review for you Joe, so that you may know how well founded your discoveries have been received by me.


Tiffany the Canter: Rider of the three beat gait with one moment of suspension when all the horse’s four feet are off the ground.


BEAT ONE (One Foot On the Ground): Gospels Interaction with War of the Jews (Jesus/Titus Typology) read and understood.

Right Hind Leg is planted on the ground, all other three feet are off the ground. Horse is pushing off Right Hind Leg to move forward.


BEAT TWO (Three Feet on the Ground): Three Way Typological Linkage (Seven Seals of Revelation / Seven Seals Hidden in Paul’s Letters / Suetonius’s History of Domitian) read and understood. Left Hind Leg and Right Front Foot simultaneously land on the ground (Right Hind Leg still on the ground, Left Front Foot still OFF the ground).


BEAT THREE (New Group of Three Feet on the Ground): Works of Shakespeare reversing (pie in the face) the above Beat One & Beat Two Typologies. Left Front Foot hits the ground and Right Hind Leg comes up off the ground (Left Hind Leg and Right Front Foot still on the ground).


POST BEAT (All four Feet Off the Ground): Birth of Spirit out of Matter (personal development that arises when Joe’s preceding typological analysis is understood and applied IN LOVE AND NOT IN HATRED in the creation of one’s own “three beat with a moment of suspension” personal mythology). Left Hind Leg and Right Front Foot comes up off the ground (Right Hind Leg still OFF the ground) with the only foot left coming off the ground is the Left Front Foot. This is the moment of suspension where all the horse’s four feet are off the ground (birth of spirit out of matter/out of the cycle the mystery comes). One has transcended death by disengaging one’s identification with one’s body and engaging one’s identity with the birth of one’s personal mythology.


Then the Right Hind Leg hits the ground (another higher viewpoint emerges – Spiritual Bazaar Wars; and: A Jewess Strikes back – Joe’s in the works to come appendix volume in his “chef’s trilogy” so to speak) and the cycle (now a moving higher viewpoint) starts over again (back into the three beat gait the mystery goes leaving behind the dividend of a growing/ever expanding personal mythology).


The above demonstration is Tiffany’s Left Lead Canter. Tiffany’s Right Lead Canter being, of course, the reverse: Joe’s discovery of the Flavian’s concomitant creation of Rabbinical Judaism – it’s most outlandish realization being its creation – not for theological purposes –  “but to mind-shape Judaism’s religious warriors into docile students obsessed with legal minutia”. Talk about a prison sentence (yet another outrage!)


Now, armed with the tools of typology Joe has taught us, let us go forth to create, IN LOVE, The Lord of Healthy Literature.


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